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Q&A - Forensic Accounting Courses & Classes

Is there any open courseware available for online forensic accounting courses?

Thanks to the increasing popularity of free online course videos, there is a variety of open courseware to supplement your forensic accounting online courses. A good place to start is iTunes U. Though there are no specific forensic accounting courses on iTunes U, there are dozens of general accounting courses, which can give you a broad overview of the subject to supplement your forensic accounting course online or on campus.

The DePaul College of Commerce has several advanced accounting courses, such as “Advanced Financial Accounting” and “Advanced Topics in Accounting Theory”. These courses touch on such topics as nonprofit accounting, consolidations and accounting for state and local governments.

Another great source of free open courseware is the Khan Academy, a nonprofit education provider that offers YouTube videos by academics on hundreds of topics, including accounting. The videos available from the Khan Academy often cover very specific concepts in accounting, such as “Simple Fractional Reserve Accounting”, which is a type of banking practice, and “Fair Value Accounting”, which refers to accounting using the current market price of an asset or liability. These topics can supplement your forensic accounting knowledge.

A relatively new source of open coursework is Coursera, which offers an online “Introduction to Finance” course. While it’s meant to be a primer on general finance, it could prove helpful to forensic accounting students wanting to brush up on their financial knowledge.

What blogs or other online resources might be useful in my forensic accounting courses?

Students taking forensic accounting online classes might be interested in knowing what kind of forensic accounting jobs await them after graduation. One of the best ways to find out is by reading the blogs of practicing forensic accountants. One such blog is Forensic Accounting Today, which is written and curated by Jeff Moore, certified public accountant (CPA), certified in financial forensics (CFF) and certified fraud examiner (CFE). In the blog he talks about the intricacies of forensic accounting, including topics like embezzlement, litigation services, discovering evidence and many others from his 34 years of experience.

What magazines or journals can I read while I study in my offline or online forensic accounting classes?

Even if you are enrolled in the best forensic accounting course online or on campus, you can always supplement your coursework with some extra reading. There are many popular accounting magazines as well as several forensic accounting journals and trade magazines in publication.

One of the more popular accounting magazines is Accounting Today, which is published monthly and features the latest news and trends in all branches of accounting. You can access many of its articles online after a free registration or you can subscribe to the print version. It has a history of over 22 years of dedicated accounting journalism.

A trade magazine that may be of interest to students taking accredited forensic accounting online courses is Footnote Magazine, published by the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants. While the magazine itself covers many different aspects of accounting, forensic accounting students may be particularly interested in the April 2011 fraud and forensic accounting issue, which you can read online.

One journal specifically on the topic of forensic accounting is the Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting, which is published biannually by Louisiana State University and can be read online in full. It is a scholarly journal addressing specific problems in financial accounting.